Gamepangin is a Unity Package which contains various needs and ready-to-use systems that are often used in video game development. It aim so you can focus on what's matter, make the FUN.

Did you know Gamepangin is named after an Indonesian words 'Gampangin'? It's means 'Make it easier'


How to install (Unity 2020.2 and newer)

  • In Unity, open Project Settings window (Edit/Project Settings) an go Package Manager

  • Add new Scoped Registry with URL : https://package.openupm.com

  • Add a new scope in Scope(s) section : com.gamelokal

  • Click Save to save changes

  • Open Package Manager Window (Window/Package Manager) and choose Packages : My Registries in the top left toolbar

  • Choose Gamepangin in the list, and then click Install

There are many more components provided in Gamepangin which are not documented on this page because they are quite straightforward and too many. You are expected to be able to see for yourself the scripts contained in this package.

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